What's a "pandoran with virus ability" (possible spoilers)

One of my potential research projects says to capture a pandron with virus ability. Does anyone know what this is?

I’ve faced sirens, chitons, and the huge spidery thing that spawns mind worms (scylla). I’ve captured 1 x siren and 1 x chiton. Is it something I haven’t met yet? (perhaps the hatchery bug in the lairs??)

edit: I think it must have been the siren since I’ve seen her use virus before; I got the ability to research it once I finished autopsy which is a prereq for vivisection which I think unlocked this virus upgrade thing.

Virus is a status effect that some weapons and abilities can inflict. There are also potential passive unlocks for your soldiers so that each of their attacks inflict 1 virus per projectile.

It essentially just drains 1 will point for each stack of virus on the target at the start of their round then subtracts 1 virus from the target.

You can easily see what ability capabilities units have on the battlefield by simply left clicking on them and selecting ‘Show Info’. Very recommended when encountering mutated variants of Pandorans you may already be familiar with.

Oh I know what the virus status effect does, I was wondering which pandoran I need to capture to satisfy the requirement for the research.

See end part of my post then. :stuck_out_tongue:

With the way Pandorans are, just because that Siren had something that could inflict Virus doesn’t mean another does too, so whenever looking for “something that can do xxxx”, always check the show Info on units to see what they can do. :smiley: