Aliens are bombing themselves

I’ve seen this discussed in Discord, and has been happening to me: aliens seek cover first and then launch grenades that detonate against the cover and blow up the alien itself. Not a sound strategy, PV fellows!

Today was the top: trying to get a alien nest mutant which had only 2 HP left, I gathered my team in a choke point and saw four of the soldiers consecutively miss their shots! And with all rallied in a single point, it would be so easy for the alien to grenade them all. Which it did, but only after securing its precious cover.

End result, alien lasagna for dinner and five very surprised soldiers.


Yep, it helps clear the maps where otherwise they spam grenade you to death. It’s the bit in the new patch which says aliens have been given better AI which mostly they have as they now love to shoot you down off a roof with machine gun fire. Not something I can do cause I never know if they’re above me.

Just had the same one have 4 shots in a row at me. Unfortunately they all hit so half the team was wiped. Then the game froze when the tech tried to heal themself.

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I have had same issue but in closed buildings aliens trying to throw grenades threw walls

We are working on a fix for this right now, but it might take another day or two. A patch will be released as soon as we have cleared up all major bugs.


Great and thanks.

Clear (alien) major bugs it’s what PP is all about :smile: Thanks for the heads up

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