Great game with many problems still

Hi, don’t know if any further developement is planned for Phoenix point, but the game is still unfinished and still feels like beta even after years from release. Idea and intention behind is great and appreciated but the game is just not finished and fixed. Here are some problems I’d like to point out:

  • disappearing ammo when using add ammo button with class filter being turn in a way that ammo for current weapon is not visible. It’ll consume ammo for that weapon from stock without adding it to soldiers inventory. Ammo will simply disappear just like that. Add ammo button is dangerous to use in this state and it’s safer to just drag and drop it into soldiers inventory

  • sometimes enemy is completely skipping their turn remaining passive, effectively giving player free turn. It feels like cheating this should be fixed

  • filtering in manufacture screen is not working properly - class filter remains colored orange even when turned off.

  • during free aim sometimes soldier is aiming right into wall immediatelly in front of him even when having clear shot