Give Rapid Clearance diminishing returns

Problem with RC as it stands is that it can create a near-infinite feedback loop which leads to TBs.

A way to prevent this - while still making RC worthwhile - would be to gradually diminish its returns with each kill: so Kill 1 would give back 3APs, Kill 2 = 2 APs and Kill 3 = 1 AP. That way, it’s still doing what it was designed to do - still worth the 5WP burn - but it can no longer fuel a Terminator run all around the map.



I would like it the way you mentioned, so from me -> :+1:

I wrote a suggestion somewhere else in the past:
Personally I think RC should simply not give more AP back than used to perform the kill. If you use only 1 AP then you should also only get 1 AP back, but on the other hand if you use 3 AP you sould also get 3 AP back (heavy and sniper rifles).

With my suggestion it is also near impossible to chain endless kills because it is limited by spending AP for movement.
The main problem with RC is IMO that you can gain APs by using only 1 AP to kill but get 2 AP back.


A simple and very clear design. You get what you invest. And still very powerfull. It is not necessary to note whether RC has been used once or twice and therefore which AP return is to be expected.

Somewhere I wrote about it.
Decrease gaining AP from 2 to 1. So you can move away after killing or make some multiple kills without movement.

Or make it count only for one next kill with about 10 WP cost. So you need to cast RC after every kill, but it will be impossible to do after berserker’s Adrenaline. And drain WP very fast.

Or after casting RC next attack will not cost AP, no matter kill you enemy or not.


If Snapchat deliberately decided against interchangeable superhero soldiers, it would also be a nice solution (Edit: first and maybe second).

Atm you can use 1AP bionic melee chest with 320 damage Marduk fist (base dmg + brawler + reckless + melee perk) for oneshotting enemy and get 2AP back… so 1AP for dash (extra powered by priest frenzy ability), 1AP for kill and even inspiration rewards you 1WP… results zero-turn mission.

But still… if you invest 3AP and get 3AP back, one good sniper with talent + reckless + infiltrator 100% dmg can do 300+ hits until no visible enemy found. Some extra Rallys and Frenzy for positioning and you are good to go into RC loop.

Maybe diminishing damage helps… each next attack -10% off from maximum

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All good feedback. To me, the key issue to solve is what @ivo is talking about - you need to close the loop. So any solution which leaves the loop potentially open is open to abuse, because players will inevitably find some way round the system.

At the same time, you don’t want to completely nerf the skill’s utility (unless you’re @Yokes that is :wink:). So you want some way of being able to register a kill then move on, and maybe register a second kill before running for cover - but you don’t want to leave it open for a third, fourth, fifth kill ad infinitum.

Good arguments.
In my opinion the bionics should be weakened anyway … These make the early game too difficult (Pure are tough opponents at the beginning) and the endgame too easy (reinforce the already overpowered superheroes)

Really? Maybe I’ve been lucky, but every time I’ve gone up against the Pure - or the Forsaken for that matter - I’ve been underwhelmed by how weak they were.

I personally can handle the “Pure” well, because I know and “understand” the game well.
But not beginners. They may also disable the DLC, but for the opposite reason than me. I’m pretty sure that the beginners have much difficulty in dealing with massive armor in early game. This has been reported here several times and seems logical to me. There were even complaints about Forsaken because of the strong armor. But these are significantly weaker on the offensive.

A Sniper / Infiltrator has no access to RC :wink:
But you’re also right, an Assault / Infiltrator with sniperist perk can do that.
Holes are everywhere :smiley:

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Yea, in my experience the come heavily armoured but severely lacking offensively. I had one Forsaken encounter where every single one of them had melee augmentations - not a single one of them got near enough to scratch me.

But like I say, maybe I just got lucky.

I would feel lucky if there was a challenge :wink:

In my opinion, if Rally the Troops works after next update same as usual, without cooldown,
Rapid Clearance should be reduced to 1 AP after killing an enemy, just 1

That change, or ability restricted to Assault class only, not Multiclass assault

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I doubt that we’ll ever get Cooldowns in this game. It doesn’t seem to be part of the design philosophy of Snapshot. But I may be proven wrong :upside_down_face:

Maybe that’s the case, but we have cooldown feature in the game,

you can’t launch more than one missile per turn(mounted weapons)

and EMP grenades can disable bionic parts or turrets, vehicle weapons 1 turn

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That’s less a cooldown and more a per turn limit. But there seems to be a deliberate design decision not to prevent Squaddies from using even the most powerful skills in the game at least once every turn.

RB, Rally & Adrenalin Rush, for instance, would be much less OP if you could only use them once every 3 turns, rather than spamming them once per turn atmo.

This No-Cooldown design seems innovative and refreshing to me. For example, you don’t have to “hide” from your opponents until the 3 turn cooldown is “usable” again. No cooldown brings more dynamic.

I just wished Snapshot would consequently transfer the horizontal power of the weapons and armor (which I like very much except for the DLC) to the abilities, so that a Lvl7 soldier does not have the dominant superhero ability, but 6X more variants than the Lvl1 Soldier has to deal with opponents.
Edit: In this way, in my opinion, no cooldown would be necessary anymore. Anyone could take variant 1, 2 or 7 at will without breaking the game.


standard burst with AR / ShG = 2AP + 2AP,
from the RC it is 3 shots (2AP + 2AP + 1AP + 1AP)
+1 extra shot - this is quite small, but if you add free Dash?

2AP + (1AP + freeDash) + 2AP + (1AP + freeDash), freeDash = 4 tiles
or add accuracy, for example 15%
also, you can provide a free shot with auto-aim

hehe, my words :slight_smile:

edit: [oh you wrote it earlier than me, so I can’t say those are my words]