Get out of or get rid of green goo of Chiron

Is there a way to get rid of that green goo they spam each round oder get my soldiers to move again?

Goo disappears after few turns. You can remove it by explosives if it blocks your way. Later in the game there is research and after that you can equip soldiers with leg mount which negates goo.

The Chirons spam it like hell, almost always in the same place. So effectively it doesn`t disappear.

The first Pandora Base mission turns impossible for me because of the green go.

They are quite nuisance. There are some AI cheats too

I read somewhere, the Jetpacks can be appropriate to Chirons. Where do I get those?

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Heavy armor for torso have jetpack ability. But it can fumble if soldier is not proficient in using it.

Yes, but I read, there must be a jetpack-suit. Which faction supports with this?

As much as I know heavy armor for torso is only piece of equipment which provides jetpack ability.

Bit painful, but grenades do the trick. The goo chirons, like all chirons, do a large area attack with it so keep guys 8 or so tiles apart if you see one present. Can be a bit risky if things like sirens are present, but does beat a single goo chiron locking down 4 or 5 guys at once and keeping them there.

The goo also sdissipates 5 turns after last application… and i believe chirons are limited to 5 uses of any of their artillery attacks.

A heavy soldier with heavy chestgear has a jetpack which can jump them out of the goo, though this uses 3 AP and a few WP to do so. Your team should start with one heavy who has it, and more of the armor can be built in the fabrication plant.

There’s also a leg mutation that allows ignore the goo, increase speed of 5, and allows jump up one floor.

Top cover can work, high cover at right place can work, holes in roofs are a trap but roof borders aren’t exploited by the Chiron unlike Roof holes.

Not make much sound is probably another way, but how it works fully is yet to determine.

Last point sneaking or invisibility doesn’t work.

can you really confirm this? A Chiron can use this artillery attack only 5 times?

Check enemy detail, you have number of ammo, and number of ammo per burst. Yes it’s often 5 for worms, but more 4 for gelee.

So 9x artillery attack for green goo?

Mmm? Find the number of ammo, for example 16, find the number of ammo per shot, for example 4, divide and you get for example 4 turns of shoot max.

For worms it tend be 15 and 3 so 5 turns. But again everything is in detailed description of the enemy, check it, select enemy, select detail/description in the menu.

EDIT: So count 4 or 5 turns, and if you wait the good vanish, it’s 3 turns.

Thank you for your help.
I checked it for the Chiron. It was 15 ammo. Got no information about the ammo per burst from the info.

I’m pretty sure it’s 5 shots max… seems like when they shoot its 3 globs, though i they don’t spread out hard to count.

15 ammo, 3 per shot, 5 shots, sounds right for the goobers.

I’m a fan of using spider drones as decoys to make them goo their own units.

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No it’s always in the info too, should be 3. It’s perhaps always 15 and 3 per shot.

Jetpacks work. NJ and PP have the ability to manufacture them, so your forces already have the ability. You should think about having at least a few of your assaults dual into heavy and then give them jet packs. That or have a couple snipers dual into heavy for the same purpose.