How do you get out of Goo?

Hi there.
Does anybody know how to get out of goo except throw a grenade on your own guy ?
Does the goo ever go away by itself ?

I had a soldier stuck in it on the edge of the map and he got useless. My heavy got out with his jetpack, so nice for him.

Shouldn’t the goo just limit your movement speed. Let’s say 5 tiles per tile.
Or make it less and less effective so you’re stuck on first turn, can move very slowly the next one, etc…

It lasts 3 turns.

I thought that it took me more than 3 turns to end the mission. Guess it was on the third turn then. Thanks.
But is there a way to get free (except for a heavy) ?

None of which I know. :smiley:

That’s a bit weird, there should be a state showing a count down, it looks like a puzzle right now.