Geoscape bug Failure to recieve resources

I initially encountered this bug on the patch before necronomicon (Update 6.) I recently was able to record it on update 7. The bug is an issue with Geoscape events that have you pay resources and then receive the same resource in return. I have primarily encountered this issue with events handling tech. The game will take the resources you pay out but then despite saying that you found 100 tech or whatever you will receive nothing in return. The two events that I have footage of where I encountered this bug are ‘Symes and Portents’ and ‘Piece of Mind.’ If you want more information or the video itself let me know.

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Yes, there are issues with some of those text adventures. The best way to report these and any other bugs is via F12 (just press F12 when you spot a bug). This way it reaches directly the devs and they get all the data they need to track it down.

And if they already have it tracked down it serves as a reminder. There is a pretty big list of bugs pending correction :slightly_smiling_face: