General mutation level raisers bar too high

General mutation sys wouldnt be a problem if there was no multiply map events and overall Pandoran agression increase over the map.

Problem is original player team can match up, but since mid game second or third team cant develop fast enough to match e.g. teams of Pandorans coming with multiple Chirons, Sirens etc.

So some sensible answer should be done:

a) Scaling threat a bit more to players team responding
b) Introduce partial and slower overall mutations and more things to do, slowing mid to end aggression pace of game
c) Introduce faster base training for newbies or some other level of development

In general, game relies too much on developed scales of players that takes long to build on skill points. A soldier with a lot of strength points and weak weapon is more efficient then newbie with latest gear. Too dependent on skill tree. Either it should be make more late bearable with 1-2 teams or less dependent on skill powers and points and more on gear and pure strategy. To me current mix is strange one. Building and using proper skills and building movement, strength and later on will points is too much of essence. I vote for soldiers improving in using weapons they use (throwing grandes longer, shooting snipers) on its use, more then on some artificial skill tree. It feels too much as superhero RPG in current shape.

More ideas are most welcome.

I was wondering, you don’t hire higher level recruits at havens?

After mid January you can find higher level recruits in havens, and they get cheaper at higher rep level with haven

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Surely, they do tend to scale up, and higher classes allies are offered, but I usually relly on recruiting on my own - and they tend to start from zero. Surely on lower levels you find getting equipement essemtial, but I find better choices on my own.

However, mid to end game tends to need 3 plus developed teams which is really heavy.

In best I would prefer “scalable map/geoscape” like in Civ games, with mini map like 2 continents, or does not need to be Earth lookalike. Surely Earth brings emotions, but is not really essential to gameplay. To huge map, too many bases, too many events, too long distances. I would maybe better to say like to see geoscape size scalabe on second throught.

Or maybe planes are just too slow and too expensive? :slight_smile: Multiply solutions to similar problems in such grand strategy games :slight_smile:

But really, super powers - skills make it a bit to unrealistic. More options that player can choose e.g. larger speed scale and no dash, so you choose who is speedy. Your own choice to improve accuracy and not a magic skill. I do understand this “magic powers” things is easier for new gen players but is somewhat limiting in options in soldiers build, even in multiclassing / or make you just abuse them instead of building personalized soldiers and play style.

Added modifiable geoscape size as options / feature request (on start surely)