Game will have Pre-Order on steam?

so i know dat this game is going to be on Steam right, but i want to know if its going to show up there for pre-order since i want some of the items and i kinda want to buy it on steam because i can pay with my country money there

i get dat steam takes a cut of the price and you want to avoid it as much as you can i get dat
but yeah if somebody knows pls tell me

We will continue taking pre-orders up until release. However, when the new store goes live (which will hopefully be in a week or two), the packages will change. There will basically be only the Digital Download Edition, the Luxury Digital Edition and the Soldier Roster Edition. The prices will also be increasing to retail.


I don’t think paying with your country’s currency would offset the price-increase to retail, or even if it does, it should be around the same as what you would pay now?

well i would like to buy the game with “Pesos” because im from Argentina
but to be honest not paying in dolars helps a lot here

edit: this is more than anything a question to see if i will be able to make a Pre-Order since if the game is not in steam to Pre-Order then i will have to wait until release date to buy it

What do you “want” under pre-order? Backer-builds? Extra Editions?

Steam page will be up closer to release (my guess is around 2-3 months earlier, or even closer to launch, but that’s just my guess), you will probably be able to pre-purchase then on steam (usually if the game has steam-page, they will allow pre-purchasing there even if they still have their own site/store selling it, though I can’t be sure for PP of course), but how is that different from buying on day 1? Besides the few hours download in case of pre-download (if available) for the base-game (not including more expensive packages which may give you more, like backer-build, which obviously is different).

i just want the alien gun and alien armor
but if it shows early i may be able to get acces to the Build Versions to play while i wait for the full game
still i don’t have issue waiting i just wanted to know so no big deal i plan on getting the game at some point since i like tactics games and the new xcom is not bad… but not so good… and this one for what i have see looks to be much better