Game Unplayable since last Patch

Since the last patch when its a special mission, the game crashes on the landing scene 9 times out of 10.

Try to verify the game from Epic Games Launcher. You can do it from the library. Maybe you are missing some files (maps) and the game cannot load them.

Did that, then tried a new game, and it froze on landing again, on a map I had been able to do in my last game before the verify, so its not the maps.

Rather than verifying, remove the game from your system completely and then redownload.

EGS has a whole load of problems with file integrity, applying updates and such for a few 3rd party games I’ve had on the store to the point where any update is a roll of the dice if the build installation will get borked and need to be downloaded fresh again.

Even the verification process will often report everything is fine, whilst during the update process the distribution platform has actually corrupted something along the line.

Uninstalled and reinstalled, still crashes on landing with Special Missions.

Since the new Cthulhu patch I cant play any missions, it just freezes at the point the dropship lands.
When you press ctrl alt delete it says its still running, but it never recovers from that screen.

If the animation freezes, did you try hitting the ESC key?

Is this a new game since the patch or existing? They did recommend starting a new play through after installing it.

Due to the way they changed the introduction of slowly mutating Pandorans, one can upset this whole process if carrying on without a fresh start. Also, the placement of bases, number of havens has been completely revamped.

This is since the new patch before Cthulhu, and Ive only tried new games.
This has worked for me since the first Backers version, I have had virtually no problems with it.

I just loaded in my last saved game since the Cthulhu patch, first drop mission, pressed ESC before the ship landed and I got through to the map, will see if this continues.
Its annoying having to do this though as I’m disabled and having to quickly do something hurts.

For me it also works to just press the RMB once to unfreeze the landing scene when this happens.


Have been able to play the Maps just fine, I just have to RMB or ESC every time the landing animations crashes.
I miss being able to do the satellite searches from anywhere and resources are harder to find.
But otherwise it plays fine.

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I’ve been having the same, or similar issue since Cthulhu. At the end of the cinematic when the ship is coming into land it just seems to freeze on the last frame of the cinematic. It would apparently sit that way indefinitely, but I’ve just been pressing escape and then I’m instantly into the mission with no issue.