Game UI Suspended?

I have found that as you get your men to about level 7 that the AI seems to have issues and slows right down. However… this is not the problem, what happens is that you go on a mission and get one round then when it is the civilians/aliens turn it runs for them but as it is about to return to you, you get the end of round sound and then the system does not release the UI back to you? It just sits there like it is waiting for your turn but it is impossible to do as there is nothing to click on? I loaded an old save (as you can’t save anymore either!) and it worked ok again until the same thing happened? There is something not releasing in the memory a stack not dumping probably? Either way the game is terminal at this point and can not be played, so until a patch is made to fix this (and the save issue) I am effectively out of it, unless I want to start from scratch each time and play until it does this again! So PLEASE can this be a No.1 issue to solve I really would like to play this through…:slight_smile: