Game is a gimmick, gimmicks becoming boring

Let’s face it, the thing everyone raves about this game is the manual aiming, with real balistics, and body part destruction.
You can tell a lot of work was put into this, and it is great. And then they have put some missions and some monsters in it for is to try it out. And that is it. Once you get bored with the free aiming the game is done.

This is because the strategy geoscape is not interesting;
-Research is crap, and depends on other factions leaving you feeling like you are the dumb kid in class that can’t do anything on his own.
-Interest point searching becomes repetitive and tiresome REALLY FAST. You also end up doing hundreds of scavenge missions that are boring/uninteresting, and just feel like a busy work.
-Missions do not have an interesting progression and pace like in XCOM, where you know you have 3-4 missions per month and they are interesting and serve a purpose other than grinding.

Combat is not interesting;

  • It is always the same enemy. Changing their arms around does not compensate the fact you are fighting the same units in the game. And you FIGHT A LOT, which means you burn out fast. Compare the number of units in this game with XCOM…
  • Apart from mind control, the only thing enemies do is shoot/melee. Again, compare to the number of different abilities in XCOM
    -The only difficulty on enemies is that their hp/armor keeps scaling up. That is it! Which leads to…
    -You will have 2-3 meta class/weapon/combos that can deal with the high hp/armor and that is it. Tactics are useless. Rageburst is king.
    -Maps are too small which leads to previous problem. YOU HAVE to kill one enemy per attack or by turn 3 you are completely surrounded by enemies and will die.
    -Enemies one shot your units in late game. See above Rageburst is king.

So yeah, they built a manual shooting TBS and then added some little maps and enemies around it. I can’t believe this is from the creator of UFO Defense.

They will need a huge redesign if this game will ever be compared to the greatness of XCOM, and that is why I bought the season pass. I still hope by the end of all DLCs this game as evolved of something worthy.


What if they would sometimes include civilians on the map (Űliving in camps around he resource remains) and the crates would be cars/machines that incormporate both tech and materiel for visual diversity?

Player could deiced to hand over the looted food tech and materiel to the nearest haven improving relationship with them and/or they could demand it and be angry if denied

They could also have secondary yields: if civs were on the map, they can either join a nearby haven or the player as soldier (sadly sceintists and workers are not needed for the player as such guys would be perfect for that)

For me it simple.
1st I expected X-COM , well, “better” X-COM - with better graphics, new weapons and research, new enemies and a bit different story development (mark development, not the story itself). The new aiming was just indeed gimmick , more like a icing on top.
Well I did not got what I expected and almost deleted the game same day.
Next weekend I gave it another chance, this time without expecting anything, especially nothing X-COM.
I have admit it was a bit … strange and disappointing at start since you have absolutely no idea how to do things, with research, with manufacture , with bases… Actually previous X-COM knowledge make things even more difficult as this game does it completely different. Especially research - how in the world you can know that you can’t research anything worth-wile and need to cooperate with factions ? The missions with re-spawning like lairs are made me a lot of headache, how you supposed to know that you can and need to hire solders from other factions ?
A lot stuff like that, I actually did started to feel that I am back at 90th when games pirated on floppies :slight_smile: did not had manuals or any help and you had to discover everything by yourself…
Hell, I am still not sure that half of the things I use in this games are actually features and not bugs and exploits :slight_smile: (like undressing the new hired soldgers for research etc.)
But bottom line - I found myself spending hours playing single mission, something I did not for years, maybe only Civilization games recently took that much time. And for me it’s highest score for this game.

P.S.: I just hope they fix quickly this damn hang after killing pandorans with return fire bug, that literally kills me :slight_smile: This is main one , there few small “misbehaviors” but I can even live with them.