Game hangs on enemy turns

Same problem this morning : just cleared a map with boomer chiron and a big boomer scylla. Maybe last one little fish, but game didn’t answer during enemy turn.
Now I just can move the camera and look at the map :’(

Sent a F12, but really… Do someone remembers when games were relased balanced and finished ? :smiley:

I was hoping to wake up this morning to the game being fixed but alas. :frowning:

To add my 2 cents.
The game gets stuck for me whenever I kill an enemy, either thru overwatch or return fire. But what’s strange, there’s no consistency, or one I can find…
Weapon type and class have no impact, sometimes the enemy turn processes fine than it doesn’t…

And still no acknowledgment that this bug exists.
Don’t they know that the silent treatment has never worked for any software developer or retailer in the passed. All that the silent treatment achieves in unrest, disappointment and a growing dislike of those involved.
It’s like a infected boil which gets bigger, more angry and infected, when all that it would take was a quick lance. In this case, a word or two.

Ok, I have a temporary fix that I have tried and tested. Whenever you run into a mission that freezes, no matter how many times you redo that mission, its going to freeze. What I found is that you just have to load the autosave and MOVE ON TO ANOTHER MISSION and so far 100% of the time that other mission will be perfect. This also means that you will have missed that mission. Also means that if its a story critical mission, I don’t know how to progress.

So far, we have established that:

  1. Verifying do not solve the problem
  2. Mods is not the issue
  3. Some people don’t have this problem but unfortunately a great many of us do
  4. Freezes happens during enemy turns regardless of the kind of mission
  5. Freeze also tends to happen on overwatch shots
  6. Freeze usually happens towards the end (or in fact at the end of) the enemy turn
  7. Shotgun overwatch is not the issue
  8. It happens whether or not facehuggers or sirens are in the mission or not
  9. It happens no matter how many times you redo that same mission
  10. These freezes did not occur before the patch.

Issues to explore:

  1. Are you playing on a PC or laptop when your freeze happened? (mine happened on a laptop)

I’m thinking there are probably several freeze issues at work (foe example I can re-load and just play differently and no freeze). Not to mention that this was a problem in the BB versions as well.

No shotgun overwatch for me on any of the 6 or 7 times this bug has hosed me. (On PC)

New patch came in.

Does the freeze still happen for you guys? I was frozen on a base defense so I was unable to progress my game but after the patch, I was able to complete that mission with no problems.

Update: freeze is still there.

freez e still there

freeze is still there, happens again and again in multiple Missions.

I find that each time it happens, you exit the game, verify game files and then go back in, you will be rewarded with a few flawless matches before it comes back again.

There is a hotfix for the mind-fragger freeze issue, but still I get turn lockups with certain situational uses of overwatch and also once with return fire. Surprised their recent patches have broken so much to the point of making the game near unplayable, NOT quite what patching is meant for!

im stuck now on fabular mission , when triton return fire to Jerycho eng. turn stops…

I’ve had a reduction of these issues since that latest hotfix that solved the head fragger one. Not sure but maybe they fixed a few others with that one?

happnes to me every game. done playing until new update to fix

Hey all, I’m interested in help fix this one to. Nice work by the way, Pr8Dator. I think we should find out:

  1. Maps that this occurs on
  2. Mission types (ie, ambush, escort, layer etc)
  3. Does this “lockup” behave the same for everyone?
  4. Who is the enemy faction?

I’d describe the lockup like this:

*After ending the player turn, the AI turn begins (ie. PANDORAN TURN indicator top center)
*Some AI moves occur (varies)
*Once camera settles (apparently, after last AI move) system seams to be stuck, never returning control to the user
*UI unresponsive (ie, >ESC< no response)
*The game is not locked up according to the OS (ie. task manager does not indicate NOT RESPONDING)
*As per task manager (win10) the game still has notable CPU Loading
*Game appears as if it’s stuck in perpetual “attempting to complete AI turn” mode
*I left it for 15m, no change
*I’m able to >ALT-ENTER< toggle from full screen/windowed

What I’m doing in addition to answering Pr8Dator’s top ten:
While my patience is available: I’m going to save before every turn end, to trial and error changing how I end the turns to determine if there is a predictable cause/effect of the lock up.



I found a fix that worked for me… no more freezes: FIX For Freeze on End of Enemy Turn!

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The thing is, saving doesn’t help because it is impossible to load the save either.

Glad that works for you but its odd. I could understand that if you had low end integrated video (shares memory, doesnt have its own) and /or you dont have much system memory (less than 8gb). Pretty sure last i checked during the “stuck” issue my memory utilization was maybe 30% i have a decent video card and at least 8gb ram.

Anyways ill look towards memory since uc had success there.