Game fails to load

after downloading and unzipping, i double clicked the PhoenixPointWin64.exe file within the extraction folder. upon which, the game started and i played the ‘new jericho’ mission. i restarted the mission twice from within the game. played for a couple hours no real issues. i finally exited the game, but now it won’t load again.
there isn’t a desktop shortcut or icon for the game, nor is it listed under installed programs. when i click on the PhoenixPointWin64.exe within the extracted folder i can see the process start running in task manager, using 0 CPU, along with UnityCrashHandler64, but the game never loads.
i am running Windows 7, 64bit, 16GB at roughly 30% CPU usage and 3.58 Memory usage.
i deleted the unzipped folder and re-extracted with no success. i changed zip extraction to be within ProgramFiles (x86) folder with no success.
any and all help would be appreciated.