Game breaking: every mission report says successful base defense

After a successful base defense against New Jerico, every mission ends with a successful base defense mission report, but with the new injured state being correct.

What is game breaking is that mission are no longer considered complete and the aircraft gets automatically teleported back to the base that was defended.

For exemple, after completing Bionic fortress, my team was back at the base with the aircraft, and Bionic fortress was still present on the map and in the top left corner as an objective. Same thing happened after an ambush, an haven defense and a raid against New jerico.

The game can no longer be progressed.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Be at war with new jerico
  2. Be attacked by new jerico
  3. Win base defense mission (had 9 defenders and no vehicule if this changes anything).
  4. Go complete any mission
  5. Notice the mission complete battle report says successful base defense and the aircraft is back at the base.

If you haven’t do that already: You should report this with the ingame report tool (F10) so the devs get all of your data incl. saves.