Base still ransacked after successful defense

After defending a base from a Pandoran attack, killing all the attackers without them setting a foot (or claw) inside the base, the base was still ransacked and every building destroyed.


Occured to me as well. This is problematic, it takes a LOT to repair a fully-built base.


One strange note, when starting the defense, the ‘Defend Vital Structures’ was at 47% right off the bat. No further damage happened to any base structures during the defense.


Same problem here, main base structures at 1% after succesfull defense, they did not even moved a step into the base. This completely ruins the whole game cause I’ve to spend all resource to reapair base.

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If this wasn’t fixed in the hotfix, try loading the autosave if this happens.

Experienced a similar issue on 1.7.1 Necromonicon WSA on Game Pass without any DLC.

I replayed a base defense three times from manual & auto saves and buildings would finish either at 1% or partial% after killing all enemies without losing base structures.

On third reload, I found the mid-game saves started with buildings already damaged.

On fourth reload, I manually and loaded that save before doing any actions. I checked the structures to make sure they were undamaged in the reload and was able to complete the base defense.