Base Ransacked after successful defence

Successfully completed a base defence with no damage to any rooms, no troop losses.
However afterwards every room was marked trashed and needed repair.

My team: (flown in rather that barracked at the base) 2 snipers, 1 assault, 1 scarab. The pandorians all dead except two crabmen who escaped after losing their guns.

fwiw base had a containment facility but no captures yet, also mist repeller and all the other basic amenities.

This is fairly run breaking mid-early game on legend as it’s 1000s of materials to repair. Especially if you don’t notice until after you’ve saved.



Could you report via F10 in-game, please? And what version are you playing? Mac?

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Hi, Mac yes. willdo


This random bug has been around for quite some time. Hopefully they will finally squash this one. I can’t recall for sure, but one might try loading the autosave to see if it loads a proper outcome.

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Yeah, I know. I am pretty sure that it was fixed quite long time ago but only for Windows version not for Mac. Which OP confirms. Still did not get the F10 report…

Will report when I get a moment, still on the day job!


Nice name LaserSquad! :slight_smile:

Added to needed quick fixes

cheers - showing my age haha


While I’m not sure if team loses results in getting ransacked,

I just successfully defended one of my bases with 2 casualties. Mid to late game. I just ran into this bug on Window 10. I did report with F10.

Made an account just to post on here too, Second time a base ransacked after successful defense, resulting in two restarts because the resource cost to repair were too great. First time it happened when i attempted to capture two attackers. Second one happened when i killed all except one Arthron, who escaped. I think it has something to do with “remaining enemies” including captured and fleeing enemies, which tricks the game into thinking enemies won, resulting in a ransacked base

I believe one solution (at least to the second one) would be to remove the ability for enemies to flee during base defenses. So players are forced to finish all enemies, which means no fleeing enemies resulting in a ransack. As for the capture, i have no idea.