Game breaking Bugs

I have encountered 2 “game breaking” bugs so far:

  1. I reach a scavenging site and I want to visit it, however nothing happens, the battle does not start and the game goes on in the geoscape.
    I had to start a new game, loading an older save did not help.

  2. At some point in a battle everything froze, I could not change soldiers, I could not quit, I could not do anything except alt+f4


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I’ve had two so far:

  1. The camera got ‘stuck’ after killing a mindfragger with overwatch. It focused on the ground point where it died (no corpse in sight) and stayed there. Had to ctl+alt+del and close program.

  2. This one was very weird. Tried to heal my sniper with the technician ability during an alien nest mission. The ability went off but no health recovered. Moved my troops next turn and found that the technician had somehow used his ability on the alien corpse the sniper was stood on :face_with_raised_eyebrow: so I got the sniper to shoot the corpse. Then things went very janky. The sniper bent over fully forward and would not stand upright (making him look like he was out-of-breath exhausted which was actually quite funny!). The rest of my squad could not target enemies on subsequent turns, even using overwatch or free aim (fired in free aim and the bullets simply didn’t leave the guns, despite going through the shooting animation). The enemies also could not target my troops, even running right up to them with pincers and not attacking. I have absolutely no idea how any of this happened but I definitely broke the game on this one! At least I could hit escape and restart with this bug though.