Full computer restart bug

Like the game but each play I hit a major bug. It always (in the 10-15 times I’ve seen it) happens in the tactical layer. The game causes the whole computer to restart. It can happen without any user input (it’ll happen while I’m thinking about my moves and not touching the keyboard. It’s repeatable (a save game before a crash will crash in the same place) but different on different playthroughs.
Because it restarts without any warning I can’t file a bug report with the in game reporter.


Iam glad never had something like that

Please can you send the save game file to support@snapshotgames.com and tell us what steps are needed to replicate the crash. If you could also send a DXdiag report to the same address, that would also be helpful.

Is there anything else we need for this @gamingmechanoid ?

The game may be causing the issue but a full system reboot could point to a deeper problem in your system as well.

I would do some memory testing and check disk on your hard drives as well.

Savegame file and Dxdiag report submitted. Thanks for the advice on memory and disk checking - I’ll look at that although I don’t have any problems with other games.

I totally have the same problem, even tried to reinstall my windows, game and drivers but it still happens. Glad that I’m not the only one.