Friend request bug

I just received a friend request alert whilst playing a asynch game.

I accepted it via the top left ‘friends’ menu.

When I came out of the game I also had a friend request pop up at the bottom right of the screen (the same place as where match alerts appear)

I checked profile into to see who the person was that had sent the request.

At this point I couldn’t then click anywhere else on the screen, so I closed the friend request popup via the X.

I still couldn’t click anywhere in game, and had to re-launch.

Sounds similar to one I reported a while ago

I received a friend request in game and accepted by clicking going through friend list icon in the top left of the screen. I then started a new custom live game and after starting i noticed the friend request popup window was in the bottom right of the screen.

Clicking accept did not clear the popup but clicking the “X” close button did. However, afterward there were a couple of major issues with my game:

  • the pink target hexagon did not appear when selecting a spell and the spell stayed as the card graphic and did not change to the cast hexagon
  • menu buttons were not clickable and the End Turn button seemed to only work when pulsing (i had to make all moves to end turn)

To fix it I closed chaos and restarted