Has the custom lobby bug been fixed?

I’ve just made a custom game for the first time in a while and I’m not experiencing any kind of blank screen lobby bug when I return to it.

I’ve not any update to the game in a while, but I’m wondering whether this has been hot fixed?

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Chemagix was reporting seeing this issue recently on the discord, so I don’t think it is fixed but I certainly have not seen it for a long time now

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Yeah, it is still there. I stand corrected.

That’s weird though that they’d work fine after logging in and out over a short time scale, but then some hours later they’d be borked.

It was never fixed, but I am lucky enough that the “click on the tutorial tab” workaround always fixes it for me (and apparently for me only)

Found it today, also remembered the tutorial tab trick and I didn’t find it later on.