Freeze on the Infected Haven map

Game freezes after hitting end turn on the Infected Haven map (quite late in the mission - just about to get sight on the corrupted node). I can pan around the map with the mouse, but none of the keys work / respond. At the beginning of the enemies’ turn, one alien appear on the edge of the map, becomes alerted and then it all freezes and doesn’t resolve back to my turn. Sent two F10 reports.

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We got the F10 report and looked into it. Sadly we do not have any good advice or explanation.It is some very unique issue. Reloading or restarting the mission will not help. You can try to go back to Geoscape before the mission was started and attempt it again. If that does not help there is probably nothing else you can do apart from avoiding this specific mission. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thanks for a prompt reply, Valygar. Shame nothing can be done about the broken save, but do you think this issue is likely to be addressed in future patches to stop it from happening in a new game?