"For XCOM fans - Exploration" video

Which reminds me of something I have been thinking for a while now, while waching Retcon Raider’s playthrough of BB5. Is there currently a mechanical reason for existance of craft’s range? I know it is leftover from times when we have to refuel our craft, but as of now, I can’t say I quite see the reason for its existance. If we reached something by scan, that means we can also go there. Being able to directly target location we desire doesn’t seem like it would change much, if anything.

On the flip site, covering large distances and having to manually chain multiple “jumps” looks fiddly to me. If anything, we should be able to target point we want to go to, and the optimal route should be planned and executed automatically.


When you have scanned whole continent it is not so obvious where you can go after scan.

I suppose it is to limit speed at which player is expanding.

There are events which give you locations far far beyoud area of scan. If you could select them and fly there in one go that would hugely change how player expand on the globe.

But I think that travel system will change. Developers have said that they are testing few variants of travel and that available in BB4 and BB5 is not final. So we will probably see some changes here.


Maybe hold the shift key while right clicking nodes to chain your route

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