Food from Pandorans

Where and how do I turn Pandorans into food?

I think I have the right tech. My research says I can. I’m I the later stages of the game where most live specimens have been researched, so I have been capturing juts to turn them into food. My live Pandorans count is going up and I am running out of space.

In the ‘Personnel’ tab you have an entry for the containment. There you can see a list of all your captured Pandorans (I think you know that, just to explain it completely). If you select one of them, then you have a Button on the right side to convert him to food (or mutagens if you have also this research done).

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In my opinion the personnel tab is too cluttered with options that are hard to see for newcomers. I think it should deal with only our own personnel. Recruiting, containment and whatever else is there should have its own screen.

I remember being a bit confused myself about where to find recruits when the feature was released because my recruits tab didn’t flash at the time.

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Thank you!

I was looking in the containment building, manufacturing. Never noticed it the Personnel option.

Also note that the skull and cross bones is to exterminate them, not to process them into mutagens or food. Those buttons are in the upper right of the gui. Confused the heck out of me too. I think my first game I ended up exterminating 3/4 of them instead of harvesting them.

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Even if I know exactly how this works, this happens to me from time to time. My mistake, I know, but sometimes I simply klick the wrong button because it is so close to the enemy.
Yes, the UI needs clearly some tweaks :wink:


Been there, done that too :roll_eyes: