When doing a vivisection pandora should disappear of prison

After doing vivisections the Pandoras still in prison allowing to farm resources from them. It should happen as in objects research projects that stay lost in order to reverse research something.

When doing a vivisection pandora should disappear of prison | Voters | Phoenix Point

Btw. why should you lose the resources just because you did the vivisection (apart from making this irrelevant aspect of the game more challenging a little bit)?

Do you know what is a vivisection? How you can still have a prisioner after he was open alive?

This should work as the weapons reverse research. You research the weapon to know how to make more of it, but that one you researched is lost.

It is not that you milk them or something. You just turn them into burgers or blend them into mutagenic slurry. I get why they should not be alive anymore, but why should you lose, still cookable/blendable, resources.

… but you should have the remains of an item you have just disassembled and therfore get the resource cost of manufacturing new one back. Same with vivisection. Live specimen is gone, but mutagen or food source is still there.

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Yeah I don’t get this. I mean they could mark it as dead or make it black toned like soldiers in the memorial for immersion’s sake, but after it’s vivisected that corpse should still be good for burgers or mutagens.

I’m an every part of the Buffalo kind of guy. It would make less sense if they vanished to me.

But they should be dead as opposed to moving in the capture screen.

I agree with you about vivisection vs food/mutagen, but when you disassemble item like weapon I suppose it is not easy to retrieve resources to make a new one. If we had such processes like that now, everything would be recyclable and no additional resources would be needed to make new items from the old ones.