Best Way to get Food?

Best way to get food? Is trading the only way?TY

Trading and mission/diplomacy rewards, mostly. You get a bit from scavenging sites too.

Later in the game you can get it from captured Pandorans, if you’re willing to spend a while paralysing them.

You get around 1000 food, if you raid a haven for food. In midgame you can convert Pandas into food, if you capture them.

Personally my favorite solution is a Manticore+Scarab+“Raid Team”, but it depends on you not being friends with everyone. My favorite enemy is Anu.

Fly to nearby Haven with Food facility -> raid food -> usually 3-6 nearby crates (300-600 food) you can grab in under two turns -> repeat

All you really need in more details:

  • 1 manticore+
  • 3 soldiers, preferably empty inventory, more speed is better dash/frenzy/etc, ready for action is better
  • 1 scarab or armadillo
    Run soldiers to nearby crates or enter them into the vehicle on the first turn, loot whatever you can, drive vehicle around picking people up, drop inventory into vehicle. Continue on second turn while enemies begin to spot you, decide to push for a third turn and grab more or just evac.

Only downside really is negative rep, but it’s really easy to do with just about any soldier, even level 1 heavies as long as you have at least a scarab. Even making out with just 300 food is better than nothing, and can be repeated so the only thing it ends up coming down to is how much stamina do you have to spare on this team, and is there anything better they can be doing right now? (Can also be exploited for infinite SP, because you just start mission and then evac so stamina doesn’t matter :stuck_out_tongue: )

Another way of getting food is through the food production facility, which you get from Anu tech. However, currently it’s not the best way since it takes a lot of days for it to even recover the resources you spent building it. They may tune this better in a patch someday.

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