Following up an action with a similar one should take less time to use?

For example, a heavy needs X time to use its heavy gun, that X includes the tame it takes to:

  • rise the weapon
  • aiming
  • weapon wind up time
  • shoting N bullets

Then, If I wanted to keep shoting it should only be necesary to keep pressing the trigger (if it is an automatic weapon), the soldier has no reason to lower the weapon, rise it again, aim again (if it is the same target) and shoot again the same N bullets.

Why not implementing “soldier states” such as running, aiming (at X place),standing, etc?
Changing from one state to another would cost time, and following up an action with a similar action would take less time, and following up a shot to enemy A with a shot to enemy B would take slightly more time than shooting enemy A again because of having to aim again but without lowering the weapon to rise it again and then aim.

Other posibility could be to allow the players to decide how many shots do they want to make with a single action (or how much time do they want a soldier to spend shooting) instead of having set # of shots per shoot action

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It’s a nice idea :slight_smile:

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First you have to keep in mind this is a game, and balance is an important aspect of it. Julian has mentioned he wants to promote movement, and this would achieve exactly the contrary. On the realistic side of things, you don’t just pull the trigger again, there is recoil, and after taking a shot (or a burst) you would need to recover from the recoil and then re-adjust your aim before taking the shot again. Trained shooters do this relatively fast, but they also raise their weapons really fast.

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To add to this, turn based games don’t really render the chaos of a firefight. You probably wouldn’t want to expose yourself for too long.

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I think time-points manage that on their own. I agree on that recoild fact though, i’ll admit I didn’t consider that, but maybe that could also be implemented? like, if you spend a lot of time shooting then your “aim-circle” could be elongated and made taller? (I know it could be nigthmarish to code btw. its just an idea)

Would make sense… while it has been ages since I have played the original XCom, I know in Xenonauts a game heavily inspired by the original XCom you could choice between different shot accuracies or burst fire at the cost of extra AP, so something not too dissimilar to what you are talking about.

Though with the weapon you used as an example the first few bullets would be pretty accurate while the longer down you fired the more inaccurate the bullets would become due to trying to hold a gun like that perfectly still with the kickback, or more commonly called recoil, is not easy to do for more then short bursts.

I would like to see something along the lines of your suggestion… maybe a 3 bullet burst costs 5ap and high accuracy, a 6 bullet burst costs 7ap but less accurate and a 9 bullet burst costs 10ap but is less accurate so you have to choice between shooting 3 bullets twice with high accuracy, shooting 3 bullets at once then being able to move 5 tiles, 6 bullets at once with medium accuracy and being able to move 3 tiles still, or 9 bullets at once with lower accuracy.

Yes they say they went with a hybrid of the 2 action system and the multiple AP system, but looking at the game play and how you can move and shot and then move again given you still have left over AP it looks more like it is along the lines of a AP system just with a nice 2 color way of telling you if you are going to move to far to fire your weapon or not.