Focus should shift to turrets automatically like any other soldier

And of course I mean deployed turrets only.

So when I first played the game on initial release I created this thread in which I wrote:

Unlike in the release version, turrets no longer autonomously fire on any targets at the beginning of the turn and they also appear in the character list (in their own section) in the lower left corner of the screen. However, unlike the PP soldiers, focus will never shift to the turrets automatically. I felt both then and now that this is an oversight and incongruent with the design of the game. I might be alone in this, but I’d rather not use the force End Turn button, it would indicate that either I’ve overlooked something as a player or the UI still needs a bit of polish. Doing stuff until you get the “No AP” message just feels like the normal way to end a turn. Deployed turrets block the “No AP” message but don’t receive focus automatically. You can still end the turn this way but you need to click on each turret and either use up its turn or select SPC/standby.

If a turret has Los on a target it does automatically become active when tabbing through units.

Strange, as it does for me.

OK, so it turns out if a turret has one or more shots it will get focus. If a turret doesn’t have a shot, it doesn’t automatically receive focus, you are required to click on it. So everything I wrote was correct if you apply it specifically to turrets that don’t have a valid shot. I mean it seems to me that if turrets that lack a valid shot are not just going to go on auto-standby then they should receive focus like any other soldier. This would save me the trouble of clicking on them and putting them on standby. Either of those options (auto-standby or receive focus) would be an improvement.

Just end turn, no need to put them in stand-by.

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However, if a tech remote controls a turret, I want the focus to immediately go to the turret.