Second burst for turrets sometimes is free

This happened only a few times during a campaign, but it was weird.

One technician use just one action, taking control of the turret, aiming, firing the burst, after that without using extra action that turret get a second burst if you want, controlling the turrent again

What more I sometimes get free use of turret even without Technician using his Manual Control ability. Turret just shows as another member of team and I can use it freely. Then it again return fire in enemy turn and fires at the beginning of my next turn as turrets tend to do.

My guess is that what happened to you is actually this

@etermes The difference is probably you cast manual control before checking the turret.

This happens because there were no enemies within LOS at the beginning of the turn, so the turret didn’t shoot, conserving its APs.

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Conserving its APs is a bit OP , imo

Well, TBH, the way turrets work right now it would be better if they never shot and always conserved their APs. What’s the point of them shooting after the enemies turn?

The point? Killing enemies in range , so you don’t have to worry about neutralise them next turn, maybe OP

My point is turrets should shoot at the enemies during the enemies turn. That’s what you intuitively expect - that the turret will shoot at the enemies approaching it. Not that it will only react at shots being fired at it, or that it will wait until enemies move, do their thing and then retaliate.

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I understand, you propose overwatch for turrets


I hoped turrets would be overwatching by themselves, indeed.