When is the 'game stuck in enemy turn' issue going to be resolved?


I can’t continue the game as the mission I’m playing always gets stuck in the enemy phase. I tried to complete the mission about a dozen times, and I always get into this same issue. Sometimes I even get ‘into’ the enemy phase, and then it gets stuck too.

This currently makes the game unplayable for me.

I’m a backer build backer, and played Laser Squad, UFO and X-COM

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Increase your systems virtual memory and see if that alleviates the issue. So far it is working for me.

up to what size?

I have 32GB of physical RAM to start with

Try 32 GB? And verify game files

Having the same issue, it is no a memory problem, it is an AI issue.

Worked for me. I followed the suggestion from Girshin and upped the virtual memory on my Windows 10 system from 7158mb to min 10000 and max 12000. It got through the enemy turn and has not happened since. I have 16gb of physical memory.

I increased virtual memory. Still crashes.

I got about 30 hours in and had the same issue. It seems to happen when there are multiple enemies using area of effect weapons. It seems to go with the image ink cloud cracking and fire effects.

I am running 64 ram and 8 gb graphics card. It should handle the images just fine.