First Few Hours Of Gameplay

So I bought the game. Hard balled out on the 80 doller edition (I want that art). But opening the game and running it I felt both over and under whelmed in the pre-Alpha and here is why.

So starting off seeing the YouTube videos I know the classes , ability’s ect. but actualy playing the game iv come to notice that its almost pointless for the faction gauges as each haven has a different leader and they can thing what ever about you (had half a green bar with the first faction, still found people of that faction that disliked me)

I like the ammo system. makes sense. I used one of my assault classes as an assistant gunner, carrying rockets and MG ammo. The issue is finding said ammo/resourses is 50/50. cleared 2 salvage missions and didn’t find any ammo for shotguns/ or Machineguns. made him both of them semi-useless.

there isn’t really a perk system or tech tree yet. which might be why I feel it seems void when out of combat (as nothing really happens except mist spreading.

and Bugs. Not mind fraggers but the fact that I had a MG gunner die at 5 hp. with 3 bleed, wasn’t even fired at. Just dropped dead at the start of the round.

So when are the devs gonna start implementing abit more to the outside world ?

the next backer build is tentatively dated for March. It’ll add a prototype event system so interacting with the Points of Interest isn’t so lackluster.

As for ammo, if you go into the inventory, there is an icon at the bottom f the screen of some bullets with a wrench. That will let you produce ammo for a selected weapon.

are we gonna see any customization for the transports ? possible call for fire effects / strafe runs ?

Cannot stress how thankful (or how blind I was to not seeing) that button exists

people miss the buttons all the time.

There will, eventually, be customization for the vehicles. the details are being kept under wraps.

We need to wait for faction interaction/diplomacy screen, and for specific missions (maybe from mentioned events) which affect and use that standing points.