Few general questions

No spoilers plz, if something is tied to story plz use short nudges

  1. How do I obtain all armors of New Jericho? Coz I have sniper & assault armor and I cant research them… (Except technician, i dont need him ATM & I know how to get him)

  2. How to get grenade launcher?

  3. Is it possible to clear rock area in bases?

  4. is berserk class only one who can use melee weapons (proficiently, without stumbling)


1: research New Jericho, reverse engineer the armour
2: if not available from the start, it’ll be behind an early tech
3: not that I now of
4: as far as I know, yes

Much obliged Rook!

RE: 1. I did researched NJ and by reverse engineer u mean click research tab> click desired armor but the thing is that there is no armor on research tab (except anu armor which I dont need… I did striped my guys with NJ armor and its the same result…)

You’re welcome

RE: 1: I haven’t gotten deep enough into the game to figure out all the requirements for reverse engineeing. Today was my first chance to play

No problem I was just asking to be sure that it isnt a bug, well than, this is going to be interesting attack on lair nest without proper armor & grenade launcher XD

EDITED: Im an idiot, I rechecked and striped my guys again and didnt saw the req 1/2 so u have to have 2 items of the same part to research… facepalm but the first time it didnt even show me armors to research so Im still a bit confused… Maybe that time I didnt had NJ research…

RE: 2. its arthron autopsy… literally first tech available… -.-