Feedback time - little bit of everything

Hello I have spend few days with PP since the launch and and i feel that the game with all the upcoming DLC is not in its in its final shape so I have decided to spit out few points which could use IMO some improvement.

Heavy Class - this is odd one for me. Heavy armor(Slow) with jetpack but short range weapon. Before it is multiclassed, jumping running somewhere waiting 1 turn and then firing at something makes it probably least effective class at beginning and maybe only one which have to be multiclassed. Maybe its me but it was last guy in my squad hitting 7 (and becoming angel of death with S-Rifle and rapid fire)
I think that the MG/Hel could be bit more accurate and or have some suppress effect (perhaps new PP MG ?) or have option to jump and fire.

Quick Safe/Load - simple QL improvement :slight_smile: not just for those who roll the dice till results are acceptable

Heavens - I’m in point of the game when most heavens are destroyed in Faction Wars and I have something like 6 simultaneous Heaven assaults, which drive me crazy since I can protect just few closest to my bases. I guess that there is a possibility that game is designed to bring humankind to brink of destruction with few heavens left before PP manages to turn the tide but it is bit ironic that most deaths goes to humans not the virus. Anyhow:

  • Heaven assault takes very short time giving very little reaction window, sometimes there is no chance to react at all. Perhaps if every building constructed in heaven would represent 1 day of siege ? Each day attacker would destroy one building and move to next, once all buildings are destroyed Heaven is destroyed. So it would take 2-6 days to destroy heaven.
  • there could be timer on map showing how much time lest till the heaven is destroyed

Geosphere - Some different icons for different class of heavens so it would be easy to identify the important/big ones?

  • timer vehicles how it would take to reach their destination
  • there cold be some risk meter showing that something is about to happen ? Since it is bit unfortunate virus decides to nab your base while your A-Team is on other side of the globe doing story missions.

Missions considering they are mostly procedurally generated they are well done.

  • scavenger missions where enemy kills the containers in first round is not fun.
  • Lairs mission the terrain is quite difficult to navigate and predict the LOS. Warning in mission briefing that spawn is infinite till the things are destroyed would help :slight_smile:
  • i would live to see dropships on mission map (perhaps with DLC?)

Base Building truly hope this is the place holder and in future we’ll see 3d representation of the base and more rooms like security, perimeter defense, AAA etc.

ps. I was born last century and laid my hands probably to every UFO/XCOM related game ever created and I thing the PP is amazing core platform with huge potential for expansion.

For me the scavenger mission doesn’t even make sense. Why there’s supplies lying around? why do the creatures didn’t attacked them before? It feels very “gameish”.

I guess it make sense that they’re somehow attracted by the flying phoenix pod more than the supplies themself.
Then once in the area they target what’s their ennemy came from.

But honestly, it’s the same thing with every mission. Like, how the hell havens have survived years of pandora mist before you came in charge of the project considering they’ll lose their haven like 80% of time without help.

Or why sudently, after years, the doom timer start, regardless phoenix stuff is a joke compared to anu or jericho weaponry. Did they feel in danger? meh

Can’t do much about your other problems, but try hitting F5 and F9 for quicksave/load…

i like your ideas about the base building thing too, i had to savescum from losing my base. i think it was also partially game fault for not warning me but also my own fault for being ambitious, but the game was like find all the other PP bases ASAP and that spread me helllllllaa thin and zero warning when aliens attack, and the thing i hated the most was that i COULDNT even access my items, so my newb recruits were naked and fighting sirens with their fists… wasnt pretty