My experience with the game so far

I started the game some many times now, once gave up due to poison extermination, once due to saves and once due to boredom. This time I had more determination and went a little further. The fact that the bases no longer need discovery was a nice touch. But guarding all the bases is a pain in the rear. Resources are scarce, soldiers the same and keeping up some raiding parties up top is pretty expensive.
Activating the base costs resources, then Pandas are already smashing the base around and you need even to repair everything again in order to have a functionally base. And you are forced to activate bases to see what’s on the map. Pandas successfully raiding your bases is unforgiving in terms of resources, truth be told to me happened just once (in this late start). Making alliances with the other three factions is tricky and time consuming, by the time you succeed to gain 2 on your side, the population is already somewhere between 60 - 70% and dropping because the other faction still loses settlements left and right to Pandas and you can’t do anything since you don’t see it. The attacks on heavens are annoying as f., sometimes nothing happens for a long period, then 3 or 4 heavens are under attack at the same time. It’s frustrating when a lot of things take place at the same time and not rewarding at all. And even if you manage to keep Pandas at bay, there is a war starting between factions and they start attacking each other’s heavens like crazy and you can’t do anything about it but trying to stop the loss of another heaven. I’m at 46% atm I have 9 fully loaded aircrafts and still can’t manage to reach each heaven in danger all the time. I’m playing on veteran. Then there are the Pandas, one Arthron with a machinegun one shots one of my men then on return fire, one shots another one… both fully augmented and 100 life, really ? The paralysis, if Panda managed to paralyze one of your team, he’s a goner, three turns paralyzed then starting to move with one action point … most certain you finish the mission before he become operable again. Once I defended New J. heaven from Syn. , at the end I got the message that the origin of Pandorian attacks could not be established, Al’rity then. If there is a global menace and defenders fights with each others invaders win. That is the only purpose of war between faction. To artificially (and illogically) increase difficulty and decrease enjoyment of this game. And there are the Pure fighting everyone ofc. At this point, rarely you can find another soldier from factions to recruit and the recruits at the base are naked, they need everything. There is just one line of production even if you have 10 bases, the logistics are slow to produce. Replenishing grenades is a pain in the rear. Besides the mist repellant, living quarters and power generator, the other buildings are just statistics. Research is meh, you need an alive creature to experiment on, cose the dead ones are just XCOM stuff… it doesn’t feel like having a huge impact on the story like in the “other” game I mentioned. Inventory is small, but the items you cannot carry some of them you get anyway at the end of the mission as recovered. Restricted augmentation, losing movement points when spotting enemies, missing targets with 100% zero in makes the game losing immersion and enjoyability. I don’t use the vehicles at all. Aspida is the most useless thing in the game. Enemies are always spawned near objectives/civilians player has to defend making the game unfair since XP is gained from completing the objectives. You can’t bring more than 8 people to a mission. Return fire works when it feel like it. Different is good as long as it’s useful. There is lack of missions to bring factions together. Diplomacy is one step forward two steps back. Gaining rep with one faction usually means losing rep with the other two. And they encourage you to steal things and research from other factions to get some advantages, like gaining rep is a walk in the park … This game has potential to be great, it hasn’t reach it yet.


There’s some stuff that I agree with in there . The diplomacy is not great: it’s basically a card game with bonuses for winning battles. The pace of haven attacks, although thematically appropriate, can be a real drag. The effects of research are definitely underwhelming.

Beyond that, I disagree. The game can be hard, no doubt, but it rewards good battle tactics, and using your resources wisely takes practice. Vehicles are far from useless, especially the Aspida — they are great for exploring the map with a small team and scavenger missions.

As for humans fighting each other, is it really so hard to believe? It suits an apocalyptic world just fine. Phoenix Point Earth is not a happy place. There should be more opportunities to reconcile the factions, though. It would be a good add for the diplomacy.

The tactical battles are the best part of the game, and they’ve only gotten better. As a long time miniatures player, this is exactly the kind of computerized skirmish game I’m looking for. It still needs work, but it’s already good.


Je suis d’accord avec GaDun.
Pour tout dire, joueur du premier jour et grand fan de la série Xcom, j’attendais PP avec impatience mais après plusieurs essais étalés sur 3 ou 4 mois et autant de correctifs, j’avais abandonné devant la difficulté du titre même en recrue. Je ne tirais aucun plaisir de l’aventure.

Certes, les batailles étaient prometteuses et parfois gratifiantes mais globalement et invariablement, il arrivait un moment où on est débordé de partout et où tout part en couille.

Je pensais que les six mois accordés depuis ma dernière partie avaient été utiles, mais même si je reconnais que le jeu est plus agréable, on est encore loin, très loin de pouvoir rivaliser avec les meilleurs. Équilibrage à revoir en priorité !
Incroyable de voir comment le jeu, même en mode facile, devient infaisable au bout d’un moment. Je vois déjà les inconditionnels qui vont crier au loup suite à mon message mais n’oubliez pas que vous jouez depuis un an à ce titre et que les malheureux qui vont découvrir ça sur Steam vont pleurer des larmes de sang.

Hélas, je prédis un gros plantage sur Steam. C’est triste car l’équipe de développement a fourni un énorme travail depuis un an et ils ne méritent pas ça.

I don’t want to get into political stuff, but right now we have people fighting over something so simples as wearing a mask, so yeah, I can see PP’s faction wars

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I had to fight once again 3 Chirons, 2 with fire worms and one with poison worms, plus the rest of the Pandorian gang, it’s obvious we have different taste in games, which is normal, but I couldn’t find anyone - among other players - to say it was enjoyable . Needles to say I was unable to reach my objectives. Kudos to you if you like this kind of tactical battles. I’m the kind of player that consider a game of cards is more relaxing than a game of chess.

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C’mon, that was below the belt … :dizzy_face: But on the same note, during thee WW one and two people kinda went together against the common enemy. Hard times creates strong people, good times creates only weak and offended people. Don’t judge everything to what’s happening in Dumbfackistan.

Yeah, I don’t think PP is the game for you. It’s meant to be challenging. I love it, but I could see how more casual players could find it a bit much.

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That’s true, but like “They are billions” too challenging games tend to have a low selling point. I won’t buy a game in this state.