Factions AI dumb, move then fire, instead of fire two times?

Why, when a faction NPC has a clear line of sight on a target, do they only shoot once and then move? I mean, it isn’t like they move into cover; they run out into the open. Shouldn’t the smart bet be to shoot two times when you have the chance? When pandorans have a chance to shoot twice they always do (and they are crabs). What is the difference? “prolonging game play”?

Unless they wield a pistol, then they shoot four times across the whole map without moving; even if hit chances are close to zero, right? :stuck_out_tongue: AI is… strange. Some actions are plain stupid (healing obsession?), some feel pure random, some feel like a smart decisions. There is something wrong with decision making tree, but it is hard to pinpoint the cause.

Maybe there is a self-preservation factor that forces faction AI to reposition before shooting, even if reposition doesn’t make any sense. Who knows?