Face-Hugger Man!

A haven defense…extreme…

We were backed into a corner, covered in mist from the Scylla, trying to duck every time the acid bomb chirons fired. Unable to see, we heard two face huggers (that had exploded from the Scylla when we gunned the sucker down moments before) sklittering towards us.

The first one launched and we saw one of our snipers cringe and grip his face.
The second one launched but nobody was sure who it got.

When it came time to move again, miraculously, everyone had their minds! What??!!??

There, saying, “Whaa??” as we stared at him…the sniper…with the bionic head…had TWO of the things attached to his head, walking around as if it was a sunny Sunday day!

(In truth, I didn’t know he had two on him until I finally had to shoot one off to end the mission and he still had a second one on and the mission wouldn’t end!) :slight_smile: