Music, what to learn from XCOM 2?

XCOM 2 May not be the best game of the “UFO games” but there is one thing they did right:

The Music.

Until now we have not heard anything from the music in the game except what was in the “pre-alpha”. This is only the music in the battle and I like how it changes with different situations.

However there is and was no such thing like the squad loadout in XCOM 2. This music was the best part of the game.

Games are creating emotions. Music is an important support for that and this “Loadout Music” was perfect!

When I see the concept of PP then I get the feeling that the game has a creepy slow music like “Terror from the Deep”.

That would be okay. But asking a Question here, what would other people like?

a) All creepy and scary?
b) Heroic like XCOM
c) There should be both in the game.

Doing both is a risk. If you stick with one theme then you are save to create the emotions you want to have the player during gaming.

But doing it right with a mix out of creepy and heroic music in the right situation would be worth to take that risk.

Is there a chance getting some sountrack of the game already?

Edit: here the XCOM 2 loadout soundtrack


Heh, ever since the Tactical Legacy Pack dropped I’ve been using the remixed UFO soundtrack in XCOM2. Before that I used the Music Modding system to play either the Cydonia’s Fall or UFO PSX soundtracks. I still think Broomhall did it best.

The music in XCOM2 is fitting for the mood which XCOM2 is trying to create. But XCOM2 is also the black sheep of the family as it is the only game that eschews the traditional formula in favor of a post-invasion guerrilla resistance movement. The heroic themes work well in that regard, but Phoenix Point is a very different “after the end”, one keying off of the likes of The Mist and The Thing. I feel that grim music will be far more fitting, which is not to say that the troop loadout theme can’t be at least somewhat upbeat and hopeful. TLP uses the interception theme for it after all.

I second that. I really liked the loadout theme in XCOM 1 and XCOM 2, but this game is a little bit different.

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Broomhall is very good at creepy music–see the alien themes in UFO Defense (the piano leitmotif, for instance) and the sinister, foreboding music of Terror from the Deep. I definitely think PP should go for creepeh!!!


I would rather not listen to some heroic notes in PP. I’m thinking of this game as of survival horror and this genre needs buckets of mood. Fitting music mostly can deliver that.

Would be great to have some little surprises with that, like separated night/day music tracks during missions (I don’t remember if night/day missions are confirmed though), even little changes in music itself when mission is going terribly wrong (noises, distortions, echoes, etc.)

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a) … Sheer Horror

You already have them in BBuild 2. They just don’t affect perception yet.