Music: Could old UFO music be remixed?

While I find Simeon Dotkovs music quite satisfying, creepy and action energyzing, IF game sells well, could old UFO Music rights be purchased and remixed?

Votable ticket

Remembering it:

Composer: Alister Brimble

Original MS-DOS composer: John Broomhall.

Original music was nice and creepy, looking forward to it.

Old Geoscape music
Goescape Xcom AGA

Famous Intro CD32

Note: I love the tactial tune of menu music at end of this video (new game/load)
That kind of mood music is great! As well as simple intercepting chipish tune!

Special just menu music

Interceptor combat music

Full old soundtrack

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Once modding is up, maybe someone can mod in the XCOM2 legacy ost

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Spot on!

Well modding exists, unofficially

Mods at Nexus

Havent tested any yet, but looking forward to, espec. no vids, no ambushes, and max soldiers :slight_smile:

Great links! My wife is wondering why Iā€™m smiling so much listening to some crappy old music. :laughing:

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Yup, it does not sound like modern pop at all :slight_smile: