Exploring the Global Map in BB5

So once we do a couple missions for the 3 groups they show us all the bases they own on the globe. 2 issues with this:

  • This leads to some confusion about what I have and haven’t explored myself. Some areas of the globe are covered in bases and it looks like I have explored there. The further I get into the game the harder it is to work out if I have scanned an area or if it was just bases shown to me early on.

  • That and now I get spammed with every base that is under attack around the globe, even if I have absolutely no chance of making it there. It makes it hard to do anything with the game stopping every second to tell me about a base under attack that I have no chance of helping. I do want the game to stop if I can get to a mission… but not if I have no way of getting there.

The global map progression in BB4 (I feel) was much better. We could only see the bases that we had found for ourselves so knew exactly how far we had explored. Then if you had explored far enough to need a second Manticore you usually had one by then. How far and fast you spread was up to you the player.

Getting to see all the bases of the three syndicates early confuses the map and removes some of the exploration BB4 gave.

I take a list of the point where i have explored, something like
Main base Caucasus
Fort Wayne Roma NJ
Babylon Morocco ANU
Grey dot Congo

In the long time, once you have explored all the world, it became complex, but it’s the best we can do

It would be enough is the exploring circles remained in place once the scan is finished, so one can see the unexplores areas, better more use a light blue or green background color for explored area and a way to see it or not

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Or toggle a button to see explored zones as an overlay.


Like i said, a way to see it or not

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I have a Pact with one Fraction, Cleared 8 Nests and 1 Lair but only “1” Base. :frowning: :frowning:

I don´t know exactly where i can now search and where i searched.

I have played only BB5 so i’m less expert than others, but all my bases are near the coast (If you can call near the coast Bejing and Islamabad)

They are randomized and if you are unlucky you can start in south America and find nothing until you reach Europe or Siberia

Which shouldn’t really happen IMHO, I know that the bases are randomly generated, but there should be some structure to it such as a minimum of 1 base per continent. I’d hate to invest hours of my time into a game only to find that I couldn’t win at the end because I got an unlucky base positioning at the very start and had no sight or control over that.

Fully agree; at least a base every three jumps and some indications where to look for one

In my last campaign i got two in Europe at one jump from each other: Georgia and Greece, a really easy start that i payed when first diplo mission for ANU was set in Antartica, had to scan four five times, even with all bases of NJ and SYN to reach it and that being unable to fight because after a couple engagements you need rest and in all America, north and south, there were no bases: three in Europe, Groenland has one, and none in America and Africa. Asia is covered: one in Pakistan and one in China

Too much randomness in that; if you start in Argentina and closest bases are Japan and Italy you are screwed being also unable to build second Manticore

  • Yea, I guess we can write them down…
  • or they can add a button to highlight what we have and haven’t searched…
  • or they can leave the searched areas highlighted etc

But in BB4 there was that natural progression built into the game. Only the areas you had scanned showed up. It was built into the game play with no need for any changes. Nothing was gifted to you by the factions.

The other thing it done, was let the player explore for themselves into the great unknown. Do I want to spread North or South? If I spread out too far, too fast, can I support the sites there. If I don’t move fast enough can I stop the mist? What will I find as I push out into the fog of war?

By showing all the sites on the map early it feels like that part of the game has been removed a little.

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I think by creating such limited and random bases, and then showing all the heavens and falling of them, the developers achieved horror and despair from the player. Hopeless and helpless, and the fall of mankind in front of your eyes with bound hands. I doubt they will want to soften the colors :slight_smile:


Many of us are complaining; giving the location of friendly settlements without marking where we have scanned was a mistake from the developers, one i dont think will be hard to fix.

We beta testers are here for that

Giving away beta version is also to avoid such mistakes once the finished game hits the market.

Yeah, I think that they maybe wanted to generate a feeling of horror and despair in relation to events taking place within the game; rather than with the game’s mechanics. :wink:

I think they can still achieve that, with what they had in BB4. We can see the red mist spreading in areas we haven’t explored yet, which creates a bit of player panic. I need to get to that mist zone and clear out the nests ASAP… but if I spread too fast, I cannot cover home base, the friendly bases and the mist zone from attack efficiently.

Then as you do spread out and explore more areas, you still see all the bases getting attacked with out the constant spam from the other side of the world. It is still there, just with WAY less interruptions. I think BB5 really misses the exploring for ourselves part of the game. It is not very exciting to see what that last search found when 1/2 of the bases are already uncovered.

The globe in BB4 allowed the player to progressively build up coverage and expand out as they saw fit. The count down that BB5 has added will put the pressure on to expand faster. I think a combination of both would be perfect.

Maybe when the factions agree to show us their bases, they only show the closest couple to the players home base. This allows us to start exploring but then leaves it up to the player to keep going.

Well, acually I’ve got not so obvious, but still annoying questions about map generation. First game what I started, I was placed in North America and surrounded by 80% of Anu’s bases. Most useless faction weapon, no snipers, no heavies for hire. Other 20% bases (Syn and NJ) were without training and research centers, so no techs and no diplomacy with them. I had only one base for both America’s and wasted a bunch of time to check that. Happily, that game was lost after update. Next game I was generated with base in Europe, near with second base in Africa and surrounded by 60% of NJ bases, but with Syn research bases in access. As a result I took control of the entire globe even before at least one faction base was destroyed, and all three factions pray for me while I rob them. Incredibly big difference in difficulcy.

It’s an increasing concern I have for game difficulty not being reflected in the starting conditions. I’ve no idea when the distribution of settlement factions is determined, but it clearly needs work.

Some starts really are Kobayashi Maru.

I even thought to offer to tie up the starting place of the game to the selected level of difficulty, since nothing else changes :slight_smile: