Unnecessary random difficulty by base placing

I made two campaign starts in PP. One in BB5 and one after release, both in standard difficulty. And in both campaigns I didn’t found an additional base after completely searching 3 continents. Later I found one, but it makes the game harder by a random factor and make no sense. The Phoenix Project should have installed one base per continent to be present everywhere.

I like the foundation of PP very much, but stopped playing with so many bugs and balance issues. I will try it after the first DLC release again.

The world lands are no way symmetrical. By considering it’s Africa, Americas, Antarctica, Middle East, Central Asia, South East Asia, Australia/Oceania, Europe, Greenland.

There’s in fact a huge mass of lands with Africa, Europe, Greenland, Middle East, Central Asia, South East Asia.

Then a big set of lands but very stretched with Americas and eventually Antarctica.

And Australia/Oceania a bit isolated but also a bit like Antarctica.

Myself I always had first bases on the first huge mass of lands. But it can change a lot. At previous campaign finished, I had 3 very close bases in Africa. In second campaign running, I already have 4 bases in Central Asia, South East Asia and I’m supposed to find another one in Western Asia, probably very close to Europe.

In both cases, searching around first base very fast was quite efficient, but it seems I got a bad spreading.

Your both cases look very nasty, are you sure to check carefully areas already scanned? Where did you started? If on first huge mass of lands it’s a lot to explore but also potentially a lot of bases not that far.

I’d say that Im’ ok with a spreading not regular, but start should be a bit soften, at least at Easy/Normal, or eventually with player option.

In BB5, I had lots of problems finding bases.
In all my games since release, I have never had a problem to find other bases since:

  • it is now written where to look for one on the left side
  • we see where we have scanned which is much better than BB5