It's ANU as far as the eye can see

Or it is in my current run through. I’m surrounded by them, and hardly any of the other factions.

It’s proving impossible to get cosy with the others because they’re never attacked, so I never get enough likes for a diplomatic mission. OTOH with ANU, they just luuurve me to bits.

At this rate we’ll be off out for a candle lit pizza next week.

It’s a bit too random, like base positioning, I think it needs some work.

Incidentally, I now have three bases. I’ve never had three bases before, and I’ve only had more than one base on one other occasion


LOL hahahaha laughed out loud when I read this - I haven’t found another Phoenix Point base in my games so far, but there has been some major Anu loving on my maps as well.


I guess you started in America now? Drop it while not too late :wink: