Explore site not giving any result - Game Breaking bug

This bug started appear after 16 Dec patch.
I explore a site, it ends, nothing. For now for all cases it happened:

  • Explore a second time (leaving the site come back, explore again) was successful.
  • For all cases I had the bug it was scavenging mission, until I see it again but for Haven.

Mac, High Sierra

Started a new play Easy, soon got again this bug and first time that it wasn’t Scavenging site, but a Haven. I failed find a cause, or how dodge it, so I’ll stop play, this is a game breaking bug when a bug generates time lost in a game based on a time rush.

EDIT: I removed the trading comment in OP, no trading yet in this last case. And I removed the comment that it was only for Scavenging sites, just not always, with no clear logic.

Haven offered locations for an exchange of materials and tech. They returned 5 sites. One was an “Exploration Site” with a magnifying glass icon. Going there there is no option to Explore, only scan.