Arrive at Scavenging Site. Nothing Happens?

After scanning the area around my (first) base I send a plane to a Scavenging Site but nothing happens after it arrives. No deployment options, nothing. Just the plane sitting next to the site on the geomap. Am i missing something?

It occurred to me that maybe its an old mission I’ve completed but I would expect it to disappear off the geomap if there is nothing further to do here no?

Unexplored sites show as a ?, scavenging sites as a crate/box, cleared sites as a white circle. Sites don’t disappear.

I presume it’s the third one in your case.

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Thank you for fast reply Vipre. As is often the case, that suspicion occurred to me a few minutes after posting the question when i started exploring other sites. Doh! Thank you for confirming regardless!