Exploration never ends?

Oftentimes my exploration exercises on the geoscape never end: the aircraft just sticks on the exploration venue (question mark) after the full sequence, and nothing happens. Is it common? Any cure? I believe returning and rerunning the analysis does not help too.

I found a similar topic Explore site not giving any result - Game Breaking bug with no solution. That guy also uses Mac.

Click again, it will reveal it. Happens to me sometimes.

I can reproduce it.
If you start an exploration and go to mission (with another team for example) - the exploration is broken.
Same happens when you save & load.

DEVELOPERS, please fix it! )

By the way, it would also be fair to fix the randomness of outcomes from exploration. If you explore and get a bad outcome, reload and get a better result. Technically, one exploration should lead to the same outcome no matter when it’s done. That might be tougher, but why not?