Every Model Colouring

So… I got back into game after recent updates to play Horizons and Engines DLCs at last and noticed one thing.

The exclusive viking-style Anu Berserk armor color could be changed fully. Unlike the basic Anu Acolyte armor.

If this is a feature – than a really odd one. But I am not totally sure if this is a bug, so am writing 'bout it here.

In 2d and in 3d engines, when an asset model is made(usually in 3d), it contains model indentifier that states which properties it has, and so forth. One of those contains the models palette data. Some of them use default colors, while others use indexed colors. The indexing can be done for example by the material of the object, and this can allow you to recolor the indexed parts. How many of those parts there are, depends on the construction of the original assets. Also, as games are not instantly made, but done by a process, their assets can be produced in a method that can expand after the first ones are made. The Viking style assets were definitely made very late, when compared to the acolyte set.
And it’s also likely that there is no longer backups of the original assets for the produced sets, which makes them unable to be reset with indexed colors.

I personally doubt the original assets are missing, when the game is in semi-active development with all bug fixes, optimization and additional content.

Even if it is so – it is just an upsetting part of a character customization (and it’s not like it is a unique set, it’s a common one) so it would be amazing if we could see this fixed in future updates, even by remade assets.

Thing is, if you had read the history, you would know that the game will not get any more updates … except it might get a bug fix or 2. It’s in the modders hands now.

Me too. It would be highly risky to remove source assets. I think that developers hold them even long after making final product.

Also true. There is low chance that beside some bugfixes we will see any updates.
Maybe at some point some mods will be incorporated into base game files just as a customizable options, but I think also that there is small chance for that.

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