Colours not saving

Uniform colours are not saving and revert back to ‘1’ on every restart of the game.

  • also noticed this

yeah i get this. If i leave them on a transport they seem to stay the colour you give them. As sson as you transfer them either toa vase or another ship, they revert to the grey

Same thing.

Still an issue after this weeks patch.

We’re aware of this issue. It will no doubt get addressed in a later patch - but we’re prioritising things that have a gameplay impact at the moment.

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I think dress code is very important. When a trooper is promoted he can’t be expected to look the same as the lower ranks.

We’re not saying that it isn’t important. However, customisation could be completely removed from the game without effecting gameplay. Other issues which may break the game or make a player unable to progress will usually take priority.

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Just thought it would be a dead easy fix taking 2.4 seconds to fix.

Everyone who isn’t a game developer always does.

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And your taking a guess that i’m not.

Anyway, I’m messing about. This is not, I repeat not, a rant.

@Unstable - I am a software developer (web apps, though, not games) and I applaud and support you! If I had a nickel for every time a client has said to me in the last 15 years, “I just want something simple, like this…”, I would be a very rich man. Very complicated things can appear simple on the web because a skilled UX designer was paid to design the system such that it would be easy for users. Otherwise, people won’t use it.

That having been said, the developer in me is saddened by the regularity with which games that are absolutely nowhere ready for prime time are released these days, with the expectation (of both the devs and players, unfortunately) that things will be fixed in later patches. While I have great respect for the hardships small dev companies like Snapshot face, that was clearly true in the case of Phoenix Point. That is not the expectation in my line of development. Half-working launches = heads rolling. Bugs happen in every project, it is unavoidable - and lord knows i’ve coded (and fixed) my share of 'em - but I wish Frank Zappa’s “we’ll fix it in the shrink wrap” mantra weren’t so very true.

In some ways, I miss the 80’s and 90’s when you first learned about a new game the minute you saw it sitting on the shelf at Babbage’s or Electronics Boutique. With very few exceptions, there was little or no advance notice that a game was in the works, and therefore no pressure on the devs from an anxious and impatient community that forced them to release early. The flip side, of course, was that the total number of games released was only a tiny fraction of today. Tiny developers simply couldn’t exist in a world without Kickstarters, early release backers, etc. Thank god for us all, though, that back in those days, Microprose was one of the big boys! Imagine a world with no XCom (shudders).

All my bitching aside, I’m still very hopeful for Phoenix Point, though I have shelved it until it reaches a point where the community consensus is that it’s a better spot. Evidenced by the fact that I’ve posted this huge rant on a forum about a game I am not currently playing and have perhaps 10 hours invested into. :). Best of luck to you guys!

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Job done… the devs have informed us that this cosmetic blemish is known and will be fixed. I applaud them for pushing this minor issue to the back burner and are concentrating on fixing issues that are game-breakers and imroving game play. The latter should come first and the former, later.

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I didn’t see this mentioned in the newest patch. Has this been fixed yet?

It wasn’t in the patch notes and I have just tested it and it is still not keeping the colors.

Nope. Still have to go and recolour any time you transfer them. But luckily on my last attempted play through there was no-one to recruit in the whole of Asia.

That’s because they are all sheltered in home. :wink:


Lol V good. :smiley: