Custom colors on soliders resetting

When I change my colors for my soliders and come back to base after a mission, they are all back to the same grey color again.

hi, it’s a known bug

Agreed, known, but I would also like to flag this as outstanding. Honestly, it was one of the things I scanned the Danforth patch for to see if it was fixed.

I like customization, a lot, but I am afraid we have to wait :thinking: again

Unfortunately there this may be an easy fix but probably is far away on “to do” list. Now they need to fix other things like EMP not working on drones, base recruits timer reset, too much random alien evolution, ODI not adjusting properly… and so on.

It was mentioned in the LP they have with the DLC, I just figured the last update would finally squash this one.

There’s no need to flag bugs as outstanding. When they’ve already been reported, and acknowledged, as this one has - we’re well aware that it needs fixing. However, some things are just lower priority than others.