Findings on Polish

Some of my fidnings playing Year One Edition on Steam on polish:

  1. Destruction of structures (e.g.: haven energy generators, consoles etc…) is very anti-cleamtic. The engine is sapable of rendering explosion, dust and smoke… having the textrues fall appart as if everything was an empty plastic window is not ideal :slight_smile:
  2. Would prefer an option for character portraits to be displayed with helmets instead of faces (I really dont care abouth the characters they suppose to be onyl cannon-fodder if difficutly works properly. The trigger of the helmet in design menu shoudl be carried over to this portrait in my opinion
  3. Character portrait backgrounds and too colorfull and busy. They dont blend well with the tactical map terrain behind them and serve as noise for displaying the actual characters. There also doe not seem to be any reason for their variety: if they warry it should be to represent the class that soldier has e.g.: blue background for heavy, Red for Assult…etc
  4. Character stats are displayed in various ways on the bottom right corner. The most important (ammo) is not in a priority spot and an important character attribute: carry capacity is not displayed at all which means clicking through the inventory menu of all charachers regularly with the abudnance of loot missions
  5. ETA for planes is not displayed during command issuing nor whle en-route (or it is hidden well :))
  6. There is an Alert metriC for havens which does not seem to be doing anything or have a hint on what it is supposed to be doing. I have an idea what it might be for but does not seem to be that
  7. Research AND production UIs: everythign is taking up way more space then it should and not provide visually engaging art or usefull info in the meantime. The visible queue of reasearch list should be much longer consdiering the monitor sizes in 2020
  8. Diplomacy UI: Also taking up huge amount of space to display none to limited amount of information. If there is already a dedciated menu for this, display all the minor factions as well AND the Pure are up to and what their missions are and how interaction with them will effect relastionhip with the major factions. Honestly considering the Pure are a mayor DLC faction, they should be a mayor faction as far as diplomacy goes… that would also rectify the existence of the menu
  9. Everything abouth base building: art, mechanics, minigame mechanics, its information panes…

This is one of my personal biggest gripes with the UI. The rest of your findings have merit too, but this one can make all the difference sometimes, especially when you get an ETA on when a Phoenix base is about to be attacked. Can I fit in one more mission? Can I pick up some extra personnel and be back in time? Who knows! Because apparently the Phoenix Project for all its impressive advancements in the field of avionics, doesn’t have access to 20th century flight control.

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