NO Evac Missions!

I am making new Loa missions. At the 4. one, The synd tank paralyzed my heavy for 40/18… I need to evac… there is no heal option… now i will wait 20 turn…
Evac missions are not fun… I don’t want to run for 3-4 turns when I killed everyone already. It’s just losing my time… It’s slow… just bring me more enemies but not that evac…

There are 3 options to deal with it:

  • restart the match
  • kill your soldier
  • buff your soldier with +2 AP (level 6 assault skill)

My preference is option 3, if not possible, then option 1

Heh… I killed 20+ synd soldier rather then those. I did not think the 3. will work. thx!

Option 3 should not work.