Error loading save

Hi, I made two saves during a mission and I cannot load either one of those.

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Nothing you can do unfortunately. Just load the autosave before the mission and try to do the mission without saving :confused:

Hmm I loaded the game in Geoscape and started the mission again and seems it is not working. It has been loading for over 5 minutes and nothing.

In case you didn’t, clean by computer restart. Check your drive sanity. Check game files integrity, I think Epic has one like Steam.

got this error ONLY on the third mission of the living weapons :confused: at least for now :confused:

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I’m willing to bet the mission was a Haven defence with a Scyllia?

the same bug has been reported a few times in here over the last few days.

The scylla was also present in my corrupt save, but I shot it to death with a turret. Though it was bleeding at the time.

It was also an Anu haven defence.

Similar situation here, during a haven defence, every save before the scylla death will work, but when I try to save after its death, that save gets “corrupted”. Also trying to load a good save game after I got the save game error message will freeze the loading screen.

I had a variation, end of mission, screen without UI, perhaps a Mutog dead. Interestingly the autosave right after mission reproduce the no UI bug. Otherwise haven’t get yet broken saves.

Just take a look, works for me. Perhaps it helps you also.